Premier Healthcare

A data breach was reported by Premier Healthcare, a multispecialty provider healthcare group, after a laptop computer was stolen from the billing department of their Bloomington, Indiana headquarters. The laptop was protected by a password, but it was not encrypted and contained sensitive data pertaining to more than 200,000 patients. Most victims affected had their names, dates of birth, and other basic information compromised, but Premier Healthcare says that 1,769 individuals may have had their Social Security numbers or financial information taken as well.



Wendy’s began investigating a potential data breach after receiving reports of unusual activity involving payment cards at some of their restaurant locations.



17 million e-mail and password combinations stole by way of hackers


Newkirk products

Newkirk products, a carrier provider that issues healthcare identity cards, announced an information breach that may have affected up to 3.3 million . Unknown hackers were able to get full access to the Data and Servers.




August 12, 2016: The organization that owns the MICROS point-of-sale utilized in more than 330,000 cash registers round the world, became the sufferer of a statistics breach, which was introduced to the general public in August of 2016. at the time the breach was uncovered by protection expert Brian Krebs, it was uncertain as to the dimensions and scope; Krebs did say that a massive Russian cybercrime group was probably to blame and they had placed malware on business enterprise computers and on the MICROS customer support portal to steal usernames and passwords. Many experts also believe the hackers have been possibly capable of plant malware inside the MICROS factor-of-sale systems and that they will be chargeable for major information breaches at outlets around the united states.




September  2016 The famous record-website hosting service was compelled to confront a records breach from four years in the past that affected extra users than firstly believed. In 2012, Dropbox helped a few customers relaxed their bills after a few usernames had been stolen. at the end of August 2016, however, it changed into revealed that extra than sixty-eight million Dropbox users had their usernames and passwords compromised in that preliminary breach.



September 2016 In what may be the most expansive statistics breach of all time, Yahoo announced that a hacker had stolen data from not less than 500 million bills in late 2014.




Over forty-three million Weebly customers have been notified about a statistics breach that happened in February but changed into simply found in October. Stolen information covered usernames, passwords, email addresses, and IP records.


Country Wide Price Organization of India


The country wide price business enterprise of India (NPCI)  notified through global banks, primarily in the U.S. and China, that some of its clients’ debit playing cards have been getting used illegally. Analyst consider the breach began with a malware attack that originated at an ATM.




An incorrect safety placing on the mobile version of Cisco’s “expert Careers” website created a privacy hollow that exposed the personal information of job-seekers. discovered by way of an impartial researcher, the security vulnerability made sensitive information to be had in August and September 2015, and again from July to August 2016. That records blanketed names, addresses, e-mails, cellphone numbers, usernames, passwords, answers to safety questions, resumes, cowl letters, and voluntary facts such as gender, race, veteran status, and disability.



Adult Friend Finder


AdultFriendFinder, an X-rated internet site, became targeted through hackers for the second time in years. This time, even though, a number of debts compromised turned into gigantic — approximately 412 million customers had personal information stolen and published in on-line criminal marketplaces. The breached records blanketed electronic mail addresses, passwords, VIP member fame, browser information, remaining IP cope with to log in, and purchases.


San Francisco Municipal Transportation employer

San Francisco’s public railway system, called Muni, turned into infected with malware over the Thanksgiving weekend; this led to locked kiosks and computers and two days of free rides for passengers till the system went back online on Sunday. The hackers declare to have 30GB of stolen records, which includes the personal statistics of personnel and riders. They need the company to fix its prone structures and pay a ransom of one hundred Bitcoins, or about $73,000 — if their demands aren’t met, they say they may release all of the personal records. The employer’s systems are back on line, but as of now, it does no longer appear that they’ve paid the hackers.



December 14, 2016: much less than 3 months after saying a 2014 information breach that affected 500 million customers, Yahoo did it again — or even larger than earlier than. In December, the employer found any other breach from 2013 which could have compromised the personal facts of 1 billion Yahoo bills, making it the largest statistics breach in records. on the time of the breach statement, Yahoo did not have a whole lot additional information to proportion with the general public, because it turned into nevertheless uncertain who was responsible, how they got into the device, and what they stole.ncertain who was responsible, how they got into the device, and what they stole.

Verizon Organization Answers

Verizon employer answers, a division of Verizon known for imparting IT offerings and statistics breach help to organizations and government corporations around the arena, was hit by way of hackers who stole the data of approximately 1.5 million clients. Verizon mentioned the breach, pronouncing that they’ve found the security flaw, and are working to contact affected clients.


Tidewater Community College

March 28, 2016: present day and previous personnel of Tidewater network university (TCC) in Norfolk, Virginia had their non-public statistics stolen in a tax season phishing rip-off. A worker within the college’s finance branch received a request from a faux TCC e-mail deal with asking for all worker W-2 data. The individual, not figuring out the e-mail was fake, spoke back with sensitive data which include names, profits, and Social safety numbers. TCC’s spokesperson has said that at the least sixteen TCC employees have reported false tax returns filed below their Social safety numbers.


MedStar Fitness Inc.


The FBI is investigating a PC virus that paralyzed MedStar health-operated hospitals in Maryland and Washington. officials are trying to determine whether or not the virus turned into ransomware, which holds an organization’s systems “hostage” until a selected dollar quantity is paid. It is not clear whether or not any patient data was stolen, however with the recognition of scientific identity theft among hackers, it’s certainly viable that private records were compromised.


Philippine Commission on Elections

A breach of the database for the Philippe  Elections (COMELEC) prompted Infosecurity magazine to say it “could rank as the worst government data breach anywhere” it’s believed that the personal facts of every unmarried voter inside the Philippines were compromised



FACC, an Austrian-based aerospace elements manufacturer (with clients like Airbus and Boeing) were hacked in January 2016. The criminals, but, seemed to ignore the company’s records and intellectual belongings, opting to alternatively scouse borrow about 5 million  U.S. greenbacks. FACC says that whilst they’re investigating the quantity of the breach and how it came about, their regular operations have now not been affected.


University of Florida

Unknown cyber criminals compromised the college’s laptop system exploiting 65,000 users and stole  Social security numbers,  names, and student/worker identity numbers.


U.S. department of Justice

Hackers irritated about U.S. relations with Israel attempted to call attention to their reason in February 2016 by way of breaching the U.S. department of Justice’s database. CNN said the hackers launched statistics on 10,000 departments of fatherland safety personnel in the future, and then launched records on 20,000 FBI personnel the next day. statistics stole protected names, titles, smartphone numbers, and e-mail addresses; the department of Justice does not trust that any sensitive information, like Social security numbers, became received. Tweeting from the account @DotGovs, the hackers stated it took one week for the department of Justice to understand that their systems were compromised.



The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that the data breach they uncovered in May 2015 was much larger than initially believed. In May, the IRS said over


UC Berkeley

The economic information of more than 80,000 university of California, Berkeley college students, alumni, employees, and college officials was compromised . The faculty says it does now not appear that any information was stolen. people who may be affected had been notified and endorsed to keep an eye on their private information.



700 current and former Snapchat employees had their personal information stolen whilst hackers used a phishing scam to trick a worker into e-mailing creds.


21st Century Oncology

Malware and possible data Breach

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